Terry Fox Quotations

-I remember promising myself that should I live I would prove myself deserving of life.

-I’m not doing this run to become rich or famous. One of the problems with our world is that people are getting greedy and selfish.

-It is courage and not foolishness.

-I told myself it is too late to give up. I would keep going no matter what happened. If I died, I would die happy because I was doing what I wanted to do. I went out and did 15 push-ups on the road and took off. I want to set an example that will never be forgotten.
(April 26th, 1975 …South Brook Junction, Newfoundland, was Day 15, 337 miles on Terry Fox’s ‘Marathon of Hope’. He got up at 4am to fog, drizzly, damp, and cold. His 25 mile run the day before had produced painful sores. But he took off, hoping to cover 14 miles at the outset. After 3 miles he became dizzy, light headed with clouded vision. He wrote the quote above in his journal that day.)
Terry Fox