George Orwell Quotations

-The quickest way of ending a war is to lose it.

-On the whole human beings want to be good, but not too good, and not quite all the time.

-It is not possible for any thinking person to live in such a society as our own without wanting to change it.

-Society has always seemed to demand a little more from human beings than it will get in practice.

-The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. When there is a gap between one’s real and one’s declared aims, one turns as it were instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish spurting out ink.

-A thing is funny when – in some way that is not actually offensive or frightening – it upsets the established order. Every joke is a tiny revolution … Whatever destroys dignity and brings down the mighty from their seats, preferably with a bump, is funny.

-Every generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it.
George Orwell