Friedrich Holderlin Quotations

-What has always made a hell on earth has been that man has tried to make it his heaven.

-Near is and hard to fathom, the God; yet, where there is danger, groweth salvation as well.

-Though he has to earn a living, Man dwells poetically on this earth.

-Yet it behoves us, under the storms of God,
Ye poets! with uncovered head to stand,
With our own hand to grasp the Father’s lightening-flash
And to pass on, wrapped in song,
The divine gift to the people.

-But, friends, we have come too late! The gods are, indeed, alive,
But above our heads, up there in another world.
There they are endlessly active, and seen to heed little
Whether we are alive: that’s how much the heavenly ones care.

-Perhaps some of the wisdom to sputter and of being dumbfounded may be the inheritance that our spiritual
culture ought to transmit to the next generations.
Friedrich Holderlin