Charles Ghigna Quotations

-A poem is a little path
That leads you through the trees.
It takes you to the cliffs and shores,
To anywhere you please.

Follow it and trust your way
With mind and heart as one,
And when the journey’s over,
You’ll find you’ve just begun.

-Ants Never Cry “Uncle”
Consider the little ant.
He never says, “I can’t.”
And so it comes as no surprise,
He carries things ten times his size.

-The Art of Start
Don’t search for inspiration when
You have a task to do;
Just start your work and you will see
That it will soon find you.

-Best Laid Plans
A plan is only good if it
Is one that gets recruited;
For good intentions soon will die
Unless they’re executed.

-Diamond Mind
The promise of our dreams comes true
When patience minds our goal;
Remember that the diamond once
Was just a piece of coal.

-Dreams Allowed
Don’t be afraid to dream aloud
The things you want to do;
Just saying what is in your heart
Will help your dreams come true.

-Dream Catcher
Allow yourself to fish each day
Within life’s little streams
For that is where we often find
Just how to catch our dreams.

-Fear Less
Fear is borne of ignorance
Resulting in despair
While knowledge can provide us with
The hope we need to dare.

-Finish Lines
Success is never measured by
The things we try to do;
It only comes when we have seen
A task completely through.

-The Game of Life
Give all you’ve got in every game
Until your games are gone
For when your final game is played,
The game of life goes on.

-Goal Tending
To reach your greatest dreams in life
First set a worthy goal;
Choose one you can embrace each day
With all your heart and soul.

-Going the Distance
Success is not an easy road,
It’s riddled with resistance;
While failure on the other hand–
The path of least persistence.

-Goal Mind
Success begins the moment that
You set your goal in place;
Take time to savor every step
For life is not a race.

-Good Measure
Success is often measured best
Not by how high or far,
But what you had to sacrifice
To get to where you are.

Do not let fear confine your life
Inside a shell of doubt;
A turtle never moves until
His head is sticking out.

-Heavy Mettle
Adversity is what it takes
To see our goals ascend;
In order for the kite to rise,
It flies against the wind.

-The High Road
The path to inspiration starts
Upon the trails we’ve known;
Each stumbling block is not a rock,
But just a stepping stone.

-In Sight
Close your eyes and look inside,
A mirror shines within;
To find where you are going,
First see where you have been.

It leads us toward the truer path,
It answers many whys;
It shakes the truth out of its sleep
No matter where it lies.

-A Jury of One
Conscience comes from character,
From doing what is right
Even when you’re all alone
With no one else in sight.

-Key Issue
To find the key to your success
Takes more than intuition;
It’s not the key that’s hard to find,
It’s finding the ignition!

-Know Excuses
Giving it
Another try
Is better than
An alibi.

-Lesson In Success
If you should dare to try success
Consider this prerequisite;
First study unsuccessful deeds–
Then go and do the opposite.

-Light Touch
There’s nothing gray about the truth,
It’s simply wrong or right;
For shadows disappear from view
When we stand in the light.

-Life Lines
Life is what you make of it,
However great or small;
It can be used to take up time–
Or used to have a ball!

-Never Give Up
A loss becomes a victory
When you promise not to quit,
But a failure’s just a failure
Unless you learn from it.

-Practice Winning
Winners practice everyday,
They do not quit or yield;
Before they win it in the game,
They win it on the field.

-Remember to Forget
Achievements often come when we
Forget our fears and try;
For that’s when we accomplish what
We’re most remembered by.

-Response Ability
Responsibility is our
Most favored point of view;
Responding with ability
To what we say and do.

-The Right Touch
A thoughtful word, a thoughtful deed,
We never lose the knack,
For kindness is a boomerang
That always comes right back.

-School of Hard Knocks
The lesson that some fail to get,
Though all of us should learn it:
Don’t think that you deserve your share
Unless you work to earn it.

-Solid Goal
Don’t let the distance to your goals
Keep you from your dreams;
It’s never really quite as far
As what it often seems.

-The Spirit of Play
The final score is more than how
We win or lose with pride;
It’s how we play the game of life
With laughter on our side.

-Song and Dance Man
Every day’s a brand new play
Each time you do your part;
A smile on your face will cue
The song within your heart.

-Straight Curves
A pleasant thought will help you deal
With problems that won’t wait
For smiles are the curves that set
So many problems straight.

-Success Full
Never doubt what you can do
No matter what the chore;
Success comes when we care enough
To do a little more.

-Suitable Language
Language is the dress of thought,
Your words wear every shade;
Be careful what you choose to say,
Your mind is on parade.

-Sure Thing
Good luck is not a random act
Of probability;
It’s when your preparation meets
An opportunity.

-Sweet Success
The secret of success is clear,
It’s simple and it’s true;
It’s not in doing what you like,
But liking what you do.

-Test of Character
Character is built each time
We face up to the test;
The two most difficult of course
Are failure and success.

-Test Pattern
Each time our troubles test our will
We wonder of their use
Until we learn to keep them from
Becoming an excuse.

-That’s the Ticket
Don’t let a negative approach
Tear all your dreams apart;
Your ticket to a happy life?
An optimistic heart.

-Think Tank
It doesn’t take an army
To think what can be done;
One person with just one idea
Is more than ten with none.

-Tree of Knowledge
The woodpecker has shown us how
A worthy life is led;
We cannot leave our mark on life
Unless we use our head.

-Tree of Life
Hold to your dreams with patient heart,
In time they will abound;
The mighty oak is just a nut
That finally held its ground.

-True Grit
The move from failure to success
Takes more than simply grit;
It starts when you first realize
You know you’ll never quit.

-Uncommon Deeds
The secret to success is not
To do as everyone;
Success is often measured by
What others haven’t done.

-View Point
Life is grand or life is bland,
It’s all in how it’s viewed;
The way you see the world depends
Upon your attitude.

-Virtue Us
Integrity comes not from words,
Though spoken near or far;
It does not come from what we say,
It comes from who we are.

-Wealthy and Wise
Achieving goals is difficult
Without some sacrifice;
Remember that you can’t get rich
Until you pay the price.

-Winning Strategy
Self-discipline is what it takes
To find a way to win;
To see if you have what it takes
Just take a look within.
Charles Ghigna