Bernie Siegel Quotations

-Sometimes I think about how much easier life would be for all of us if when we were born we arrived with a book called A Guide to Life, Love and Health. Of course it would be better not to need a guidebook at all but to have an inner strength and ability with which to face all problems.

-And that’s what life is about. That when you take the difficulties and the problems, the things that push you down… you want to plant a garden, what do you do? You don’t drop things on the surface. You dig down, you get in there. And when we take the pain and the difficulties, and we use them, that’s when you get to be holy, to the spirit. And it doesn’t come without being open to the pain and the work.

-If someone said to Carl Jung, “Carl, something wonderful has happened,” he’d say, “That’s too bad, but if we stick together maybe we can get you through this.” If the person said, “Something terrible has happened,” Jung would reply, “Ah, let’s open a bottle of wine. Something good will come of this.”
Bernie Siegel